4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone


Miscellaneous Photos


Photos from Sp4 Tom Ethier of HHB, 1969

4/517 on parade at Ft. Clayton, 1969

4/517 on parade at Ft. Clayton, 1969

The beach at Rio Mar, L-R Sp5 Pavilchick, PFC Ethier, Sp? Posey, January 1969

Rio Mar, January 1969, L-R Bud Lowrey, Jerry Hadley, Harold Faulkner, Terry Pavilchick, Frederick Cole & Posey


CSM Clifton D. White at the wheel of his boat, "Tuffy."  January 1970 (F.W.Cole Photo)


Garrett's Gallery
Photos from SGM Al Garrett

Aerial View of Fort Clayton
Date Unknown

Barracks, Ft. Clayton
(Left Barracks Became HHB 4/517)
ca. Late 40's early 50's
Post Hospital, Ft. Clayton
ca. Late 40's early 50's


Battalion Picnic
Photos by Sp5 John Morgan, Battery C, 1966-69


Taboga Island
(F.W. Cole Photo 1969)

Battalion members traveled to Taboga Island to visit the Pacific Radar site and personnel as well as the local "watering hole."  The lagoon and beach was a great place to meet girls from all over the world.

The restaurant at the Hotel Chu, L-R Sp4 Grogan, Sp4 Daniels, Sp5 Misovy, Sp5 Wages