4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone


4/517th Trivia

The 4/517th used the Ryan Firebee-Towbee for the HAWK shoots (only one towbee played out on a cable about 1,000 feet long with radar reflection enhancement). The tube artillery fired at a sleeve being towed behind a first generation RCAT. 
(SGM Ret. Al Garrett)
Officers A Battery 4/517 1968

Platoon Leaders 1LT Hugh Duncan, 1LT Denny Rhodes, 2LT Pete Cerra, 2LT Warren Kirbo
Motor Pool 1LT Mike Adams

CPT CLARK departed in August was replaced by ILT Lloyd Glassbrook
Lt Kirbo moved to AADCP at FT CLAYTON 
(Lt. Warren Kirbo)
Did you know that in 1968, the BATTALION radio net was named THUNDER ... the radars were THUNDER ONE SEVEN and THUNDER ONE EIGHT .... if we went tatical, it changed...

The Battalion Commander was THUNDER SIX . the "battle" staff officers: THUNDER ONE, S-1. THUNDER TWO, S-2. THUNDER THREE, S-3. and THUNDER FOUR, S-4. I do not know if we had a THUNDER FIVE. 

(SGM Ret. Al Garrett)

During the 1960s there were 6 battalions in the 517th artillery regiment.
1st, Battalion, Nike, CONUS, Illinois
2nd Battalion, Nike, CONUS, Michigan
3rd Battalion, Nike, CONUS, Michigan
4th Battalion, Hawk-AW, USARSO, Panama Canal Zone
5th Battalion, Nike, CONUS, Texas
6th Battalion, Hawk, NATO, Germany
(SP5 F.W. 'Bill' Cole)