4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone


Thomas "Mighty Manfred" Ethier HHB Nov. 1968 - March 1970

Tom Ethier was assigned to the AADCP from November 1968 until it was closed in 1969.  He then served at Battalion S2 until March 1970.


SP4 Tom Ethier of HHB responded to an inquiry as to what ever happened to Lt. David P. Forsberg, the last CO of HHB, with this story.

He became a biggie in Mass. politics.  Eventually ran the Department of Welfare for the state for a few years.  He went back to Worcester and I believe back into insurance as his family owned a big agency there.

I used to get a kick seeing his picture in the paper knowing he was my CO, and I played tennis with him and some of the other officers.

I probably told you this story but what the hell.  I played doubles with him, the Battalion Operations Exec, Jerry Something, and the B Battery CO, Larry Gooch (a Worcester Polytech Grad and classmate of a very good friend of mine) one day.  I was by far the best player.  In the course of play Larry Gooch crowded the net.  I hit a pretty good forehand at the net man like you should in that situation.  He was a bit slow and got hit in the chest with the ball.  The look he gave me would wilt a tree. Of course I was very short at the time.  I smiled back infuriating him. He started pulling rank which did not go over well with me.  The other two officers stopped laughing long enough to tell him to lighten up and play. 

For good measure, me being a nasty sort, I made sure Forsberg and I won handily. Gooch never played with us again.

I asked my friend, Bobby Hellen, about him and apparently this reaction on Gooch's part did not surprise him. Or as he said, neither did mine!


Sp4 Tom Ethier at the wheel of the "Captain America Car."  Tom and F. W. Cole bought this car in spring 1969.  It was driven all over the Canal Zone and the Republic of Panama.  The car made the trip from Ft. Clayton to the U.S. via the Inter-American Highway  in March/April 1970 at the time of E.T.S.