4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone

Atlantic & Pacific Radar

The Atlantic Radar was located on a hill above the road to Fort San Lorenzo and the Chagres River.  The Pacific Radar was atop a hill on Taboga Island several miles offshore in the Bay of Panama.  They operated 24 hours a day providing information on aircraft movement within 400 miles to the AADCP.


Pacific Radar

Taboga Bunker (Center) Pacific Radar
July 20, 1969 (F.W.Cole)


Pacific Radar Photos
 By Henry J. Heckel, 1967-68

Beside the Pacific Radar Barracks, individual is believed to be Don Gail, 1968

View of Tabogilla Island from the front of the Pacific Radar Barracks, 1968

Henry J. Heckel, 1967-68 AN/TPQ-21 Operator and Radar Repairman.  Seated atop the Taboga Bunker.


Pacific Radar Barracks
Photos by John Morgan Battery C 1966-69.


Atlantic Radar


Looking towards Colon from former site of Atlantic Radar - July, 1969 (F.W. Cole)

Looking down the canal from former site of Atlantic Radar - July, 1969 (F.W. Cole)


Atlantic Radar
Photos by Herb Syverson

Radar Antenna

Atlantic Radar Site

Mess Hall at Atlantic Radar