4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone

These 517th personnel have been in communication with the web site.  Please e-mail us your photo with: Name, Rank, Battery and dates of service with the 517th; also when and where the photo was taken.  Some of the personnel have provided material for their own pages.  Pictures outlined in blue and veteran's names in blue can be clicked on to visit their page.


Bn S3, 1968-70 
SGM Ret. 1999
(SGM Garrett Passed Away June, 2014)
AADCP, HHB Tng. Clerk & Bn S1, 1968-70
Behind HHB Feb. 1970
Battery A & AADCP, 1968
Commissioning Aug 1967
(Lt. Kirbo Passed Away Nov. 12, 2010)
Sp5 Joseph E. Janisheck
Battery D
Pina Beach, Feb. 1967

134th Ord. Detachment 1964-65
Rio Hato War Games 1965
Sgt. John Pizzuti
Battery D 1965-67
Pina Beach, February 1967

Sp5 Chuck Connor
134th Ord. Detachment 1965-66
Battery C 1965
Sp4 Sal Arena
Bn S3 1966-68
HQ3 Jeep At Rio Hato

Bn S3, 1962
1st CO D Battery, 1960
Sp4 Tom Ethier
AADCP & Bn S2 1968-70
In Front Of AADCP




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Brent Crawford's
reminiscences of the
early days.
Battery C Motor Sgt. 1964-66
SFC Ret.
Brent Crawford
Battery A 1959-61







Bn S2, Asst. S3 and S4
Rich Thestrup
Battery C BCC Fire Control Operator
1960-62, Flamenco Island



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Warren Gardner's
Battery C Launcher Crewman 1966-69
Battery C CW Radar Mechanic
Bn CO's Driver, HQ Battery 1968-70
SP4 Jose Garcia
Battery D Launcher Crewman
At Ft. Gulick
Atlantic Radar, Crew Chief 1966-67
SP5 Terry Pavilchick
AADCP 1968-69
Party held at closing of AADCP 1969

Battery D, 1962-63
Henry J. Heckel
Bat. C and Pacific Radar 1967-68 
Taboga Island Radar Site
Jack Curran
Batteries A & B 1962-64
Jack Curran
HHB 1961-65


Atlantic Radar & HHB 1968-69
Sp4 Bob Kinnard
Flamenco Island 1957












HHB 1960
Joe Perlini
HHB 1969-70

Battery A & HHB 1965-66
Ron Gillespie
Battery A  1965-66