4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone

Crest of the 517th Air Defense Artillery (ADA) - Design approved March 8, 1937
The scarlet shield and yellow disk charged with the diving bomber symbolize the antiaircraft artillery nature of the organization.
Campaigns: WWII-Aleutian Islands; Korean War-UN Defensive, UN Offensive, CCF Intervention, First UN Counteroffensive, CCF Spring Offensive, UN Summer-Fall Offensive, Second Winter, Summer-Fall 1952, Third Winter, Summer-Fall 1953.
From: U.S. Army Heraldic Crests by Barry Jason Stein, Peter Joseph Capelotti

 Lineage of the 517th Artillery

The 517th Artillery was organized in 1925 as part of the organized reserve of the Coastal Artillery.   It was an antiaircraft unit with Headquarters assigned to the 9th Corps Area, Presidio of San Francisco, California.  As indicated above, the crest with We Sweep The Sky motto was approved in 1937.  The 517th subesquently was designated the 78th Coast Artillery Regiment in 1940 and was moved from the organized reserve to the regular army.  The 78th retained the 517th crest, motto and antiaircraft mission.  The 78th served in the Aleutians Campaign of WWII until it was inactivated in April 1943 at Attu Alaska.  During the Korean War the 78th was designated the 78th Gun Battalion (90mm) serving as indicated above.

The 517th Air Defense Artillery (ADA) was brought back into being as one of the regiments organized during 1957-1959 under the Army's Combat Arms Regimental System (C.A.R.S.).   Regiments were selected based on two factors: age of the unit and combat honors.  The 4/517th was withdrawn from active service in 1970.

We Sweep The Sky