4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone


Joe Perlini HHB Sep. 1969 - Feb. 1970


I have been looking for years for info on the 517th only I was looking for the 417th which does not exist.I just a copy of my records and have since found this site. I was assigned to the 517th HHB 4th from  Sept 69 to feb 70 as a wrecker operator and sr. wheel vehicle repairman.  All my pictures were stolen in transit after separation so I cannot forward a picture.  I was only there for a short time but it was my favorite duty stations. I remember buying a Honda Dream motorcycle from one of the guys.and crashing it into the motorpool only to crash it again in a fiery crash where the gas tank caught on fire as I was coming down the hill to the billets.  I would like to find any pins patches or anything related to the unit to put on my Legion Riders Vest.( I still ride a MC Harley despite my earlier experience). I have checked online companies with no luck.  I am also returning to Panama In MArch of 2010 to show my wife around and possibly retiring there.  I will send pics when I return but if anyone wants or needs a particular photo please let me know


Joe Perlini