4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone


Herb Syverson - 1968-69


Hi Bill,
At the time I was stationed in Panama, (stright out of AIT 1968) I worked in AACAP and the Atlantic Radar site.  I worked the radar during several excercises and then re-upped and transferred out in April 1969..at the time I spent there I was a PFC.  I wound up at CamRanh Bay Vietnam as the "commo chief" E-4 and was promoted to SGT E-5 while there before leaving  about 14 months later..mostly I was the security chief at one of the Ammo dumps during the time we got rocketed and had to deal with sappers at the hospital.  I was then stationed at Ft Bragg with the 18th Airborne Corp until my time was up.