4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone


Headquarters & Headquarters Battery

Fort Clayton

Headquarters, Headquarters Battery, the Army Air Defense Command Post, Battery B, an ammunition dump and the motor pool supporting these components were located at Fort Clayton near the Miraflores Locks.


Map of Fort Clayton, ca. 1942 (Al Garrett)

Battalion Headquarters Building, Jan. 2000
(Al Garrett)

Sp4 Doninelli at Bn HQ 1965 (R. Doninelli)

Bn HQ 1965 (R. Doninelli)

LTC Alvin R. Gorby (Left), last battalion commander, reenlistment ceremony for MSG Al Garrett (Right) at battalion headquarters - October 5, 1969 (Photo F.W. Cole HHB)

SP5 Chuck Connors on the parade ground in front of Battalion HQ and HHB at Ft. Clayton.  193rd Infantry Brigade barracks are in the background, 1965. (R Doninelli)


Headquarters and Headquarters Battery (F.W.Cole)

Christmas Decorations
Battalion HQ 1968
Battalion Headquarters
Christmas 1968

View from HHB, L-R, Signal Barracks, 1-2-3 Enlisted Club, B Battery
Bn Headquarters 1969
Home Sweet Home

View of 193rd Inf. Brigade Barracks across the parade ground from HHB. 1969 

View looking at the HHB walkway across the parade ground. 1969

PFC Scott Catlett
HHB Entrance 1969

Sp5 Steve Misovy (L) Tng. NCO & Sp4 Cole (R) Clerk - HHB Training Room - July, 1969

Fire in the jungle behind the Bn Motor Pool - Dry season 1969

This sloth wandered out of the jungle behind HQ Battery - 1969

Sp 4 Catlett, squad bay, HHB - 1969

Sp4 Guerrero, HHB training room - 1969

Sp4 Olivares, HHB training room - 1969

Sp5 Nunn, HHB battery clerk - 1968

L-R: Sp4 ?, Sp4 Thomas, Sp4 Daniels, Sp4 Murray, behind HHB - 1969

L-R: Sp5 Wages, Sp4 Tucker, Sp4 Dunn, back view Sp4 Faulkner, HHB squad bay - 1969


These photos were taken in the parking area behind Headquarters Battery in 1969.
(F.W. Cole)

Battery Formation

1Lt. Charles Dickerson (L) C.O. Headquarters Battery, Major Luna (R) Battalion XO

Mess Sgt. Receiving Award

Lt. Dickerson with award recipiants, L-R unknown, 1 Sg. Elliston, Mess Sgt.

1Lt Charles Dickerson, HHB CO, 1969


HHB photos from Sp4 Tom Ethier

Sp4 Frederick Cole, HHB Training Clerk 1969

Sp4 Harold Faulkner in the HHB Training Room 1969

1Lt Charles Dickerson, HHB CO, Fall 1969


Battalion Change of Command Ceremony.
Photos by Jack Curran of HHB c.a. 1961-65


HHB Personnel.
Photos from Jack Curran 1961-65.


Battalion HQ, S3 Operations
Photos From Al Garrett c.a. 1967-69

Bn. Operations Sergeant, Al Garrett

Sp4 Parham, S3 Clerk

Sp4 Smith, S3 Draftsman

Enlisted Evaluators, Battalion S3 EMMO Team
L-R SFC Dunne, SFC Stradley, SFC St.Pierre

Sp5 Jim Osborne & Friend