4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone


F.W. 'Bill' Cole HHB Nov. 1968 - March 1970

I was drafted in July 1968 and inducted at Ft. Dix, NJ.  I subsequently went to Ft. Knox for Basic Training.  I then did AIT at Ft. Bliss and trained as a 16H, Air Defense Artillery Operations and Intelligence Assistant.  I arrived at the 4/517th in November 1968.  As a PFC I served in the AADCP from November 1968 until March 1969.  My crew chief was SSG Odell Harvey and the NCOIC was SFC Otis Duguie.  The officer assigned to our crew was Lt. Kelso C. Horne.  Lt. Horne insisted we all learn to play bridge.   I've not played bridge since I left the AADCP in 1969!  As a Sp4 I served as HHB training clerk from April 1969 through January 1970.  I worked under training NCOs SSG Wilson and after his ETS, Sp5 Misovy.  I completed CBR school in December 1969  and added the CBR NCO's duties to those of training clerk.  At the end of January 1970 I was promoted to Sp5 and was moved to Bn S1 where I worked under 2Lt. Johnnie Watson.  My duties with S1 consisted of clerking for LtC. Alvin R. Gorby the Battalion CO and boxing records to be transmitted to CONUS as part of the unit deactivation.  During 1969-70 I was also an unofficial photographer and was called on to photograph trips to Pina and other noteworthy events.


At the AADCP the day I made Soldier of the Month Feb. 1969