4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone

Battery D, Fort Sherman

Battery D was quartered at Fort Sherman on the Atlantic side. 

'Delta' Battery was a missile battery equipped with Raytheon's Hawk Missiles.  Its mission was to engage aircraft at medium altitudes.


Battery D, Ft. Sherman ca. 1962
(Photo from Col L Lewis, Ret)

SP4 David A. Shadduck, 1962-63,  has identified the personnel in the above photograph.

First row - 2Lt. Vender, 2Lt. Bernato, 1Lt. Jameson, 1Lt. Smith, Mr. Wagner

Second row - MSG Pilkerton, MSG Mosley, MSG Simmons, MSG Bean

Third row - SFC Manna, SSG Walker, SFC Kam, Sp6 Sherrill, SSG Henderson, SSG Hathaway, SFC Johnson, Sp6 Sellman

Fourth row - SGT Turner, Sp5 O'Connor, Sp5 Spradling, SGT Sherrill, Sp5 Rogers, SGT Owens, Sp5 Noland, Sp5 Hill, SGT Pamis

Fifth row - Sp4 Kuhn, Sp4 Bjork, Sp4 Logan, Sp4 Willard, Sp4 Miller, Sp4 Mintz, Sp4 Bristow, Sp4 Henry, Sp4 Landingham

Sixth row - Sp4 Whitting, Sp4 Brooks, Sp4 Eggert, Sp4 Derryberry, Sp4 Hood, Sp4 Brown, Sp4 Goodman, Sp4 Ford, Sp4 Lenz

Seventh row - Pfc West, Pfc Shadduck, Sp4 Newsome, Sp4 Herrman, Sp4 Wagner, Sp4 Besile, Sp4 Hover, Pfc Tewell, Sp4 McCrea, Pvt Brookshire

Eighth row - Pfc Border, Pvt Shopert, Pfc Thomas, Pfc Daniels, Pfc Joseph, Pfc Magden, Pfc O'Brien, Pfc Rosenberry, Pvt Cather, Pvt Holberg


Battery D, SP5 Strom Behind Launcher, SFC Coakley On Field Phone, 1967

Battery D, 1967


These photos are from Sp4 Rick Doninelli of the 134th Ordnance Detachment.

Battery D, Tach. Site - 1965

Illuminator Radar, Battery D - 1965

Sp5 Snodgrass At Battery D Site - 1965

Missile Loader-Transporter XM 501 E-2 At D Battery Assembly & Service Building, Ft. Sherman - 1965

AN/TPQ-21 At Battery D Tach Site, 1965

The AN/TPQ-21 Missile System Simulator rotated between batteries to train operators. It had its own crew and NCOIC to man and operate it.  It would stay for a while then rotate back to be used by the other batteries.  It spent most of it's time on the Pacific side because it could support VIP shows on demand because it generated targets you could see in the van.  That way you did not have to rely on targets of opportunity and could be set up to replicate simulated hostile aircraft scenarios.  It could provide 6 targets in either a clean (benign) or ECM environment. There was one TPQ-21 for each and every Hawk battalion in the Army and there were three of them at Hawk Systems Division (HSD) 1600 area at Ft. Bliss to support collective training.  (Information about the TPQ 21 simulator is from Joe Janisheck.)



Sgt. John Pizzuti served in D Battery from 1965 to 1967.  He provided the following pictures.

View from barracks window looking
towards Colon
D Battery Tac. Site, Ft. Sherman
March, 1967

D Battery Tac. Site, Ft. Sherman
March, 1967
D Battery Tac. Site, Ft. Sherman
March, 1967

D Battery Tac. Site, Ft. Sherman
March, 1967
Sgt. John Pizzuti, D Battery Tach Site
February, 1967


Sp4 David A. Shadduck was a member of D Battery in 1962-63.  He sent these photos for our use.

Doorway At Battery D

Inspection At Battery D

High School Students Tour Battery D

Rear Gate Battery D Tach. Site


Battery D
Photos by Sp5 John Morgan of C Battery ca. 1967


Steve Peragallo served with D Battery in 1967-68.

Bird Maintenance

At C Battery

Christmas Party With Locals Dec. 67

Christmas Party With Locals Dec. 67

D Battery A Squad

D Battery Barracks

Tach Site Entrance

Atlantic Entrance To Canal

Tach Site Entrance

Ft. Sherman NCO Club

Going To Get Birds

Hang Fire At Pina 1967

Hawks At Canal Entrance

Home Sweet Home


Loader and Operator

Loading A Launcher

Moving Birds



Jose Garcia has provided us with these D Battery photos.

Guard Duty

Hawk Down Load

Lunch Break

Shimmy Beach Picnic 1965