4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone

Battery A, Fort Davis

Battery A was located at Ft. Davis on the Atlantic side. One platoon was detached and quartered near Ft. Sherman.

'Alpha' Battery was a gun battery equipped with the M-42 "Duster" a self propelled unit with twin 40mm automatic guns.  It's mission was to engage aircraft a lower altitudes.  A secondary mission was to provide supporting ground fire.


Battery A at the range, ca. 1966-7

Battery A at the range, ca. 1966-7

Battery A duster, ca. 1966-7


A Christmas party for locals held by Battery A, December 1965.  Photo from 1LT. Frank Lipson far right.


These photos were provided by Ron Gillespie who served in A Battery during 1966.

Sign at the Orderly Room

In the barracks, Ron Gillespie on the left

Shiny bright urinals

Who left the cover down on #2?

Sgt. Richard Betts, squad leader

Sgt. Perry, squad leader

Joe Sherley

Ron Gillespie on right

Ron Gillespie on left

Squad leader unknown foreground, unknown individual background

Jim Tanksley

Jim Tanksley & Ron Gillespie

Joe Sherley (Tow Head)

Joe Sherley

Bar in Colon, Ron Gillespie 2nd from the right in the background

Ron Gillespie, PX left rear

Battery A at Pina Range

Battery A at Pina Range

SFC Belcher at Pina Range

Ron Gillespie with M151 Jeep

Ron Gillespie on guard duty at the motor pool

Lentz with car he and Ron Gillespie owned

The 5 photos below are unknown members of Battery A.

Menu from the Battery A Thanksgiving Dinner

Sgt. Richard Betts

Sgt. Betts in the CP