4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone


SP4 Bob Kinnard, Battery D 764th AAA & Battery D 4/517th Arty

1957 -


In March 1957 Bob Kinnard was assigned to Flamenco Island at Ft. Grant.  It was the location of Battery D, 764th AAA.  The battery was equipped with 120mm guns one of which can be seen in a photo in the "Before the 517th" section of this web site.  Bob was on duty in 1958 when this battery became Battery D of the 4th Gun Battalion 517th Artillery.


Photos from SP4 Bob Kinnard 1957 - ?

Guard shack at Flamenco Island - note sign of 764th AAA - Also note large shells probably 14" and 12" from the former coast artillery installation.

The wall at Flamenco Island

The islands of Ft. Grant, farthest right  is Flamenco Island

The Tunnel at Flamenco Island.