4th Missile Bn
517th Artillery
Canal Zone

Army Air Defense Command Post

Fort Clayton

The Army Air Defense Command Post (AADCP) was located in a bunker near the top of "the hill" at Fort Clayton.  For some unknown reason, the ammunition dump for the Battery B guns was on the top of "the hill" above the AADCP!

The AADCP was manned 24 hours a day by the duty officer and duty crew.  The Atlantic and Pacific radar sites reported aircraft contacts to the AADCP.  All aircraft movement within 400 miles was plotted here. 

Army Air Defense Command Post, 1969
(FW Cole)


AADCP - Photos taken between November 1968 and April 1969 (Photos by F. W. Cole unless otherwise noted)

SSG Odel Harvey, Crew Chief & Pvt. Tom Ethier, AADCP Dec. 1968

PFC Cole (w/shotgun) & PFC Lowry @ guard shack top of "the hill" - Feb. 1969

PFC Cole, AADCP Entrance
Feb. 1969
View from the top of 'The Hill'
AADCP 1969

Sp5 Wages (l) & Crew Chief SSG Reid (r) having a water fight, SP4 Gallagher watching AADCP Dec. 1968

Sp4 Gurrero (l) & Sp4 Gallagher (r) with the AADCP duty truck, Jan. 1969

Party at AADCP 1969
L-R: SFC Duguie (bald head), Mrs. Duguie, Sp4 Gallagher, PFC Cole, drinking Sp4 Hadley, rear view Sp5 Pavelchik, behind Pavelchik unknown
Party at AADCP 1969
Standing L: Sp4 Gallagher, Seated L-R: Sp4 Guerrero, Mrs. Duguie, Sp5 Longo, next to longo unknown, rear view SFC Duguie, with hat Sp5 Whambold, S4 Hadley, Standing R: Sp5 Pavelchik and seated far right Sp4 Lowry

Lt. Peter Cerra at the AADCP party 1969

PFC Frederick Cole & Sp4 Jimmie Dunn at AADCP entrance.
(Photo by Sp4 Tom Ethier)

AADCP sign autographed by the final duty crew menbers after deactivation, July 1969 (Photo by Sp4 Tom Ethier taken in HHB Training Room)


AADCP 2014
Photos by Paolo Sanfillipo

Guard Shack Foundation - Top of the hill

AADCP Entrance